Accidental death a year ago – In honor of Hubert: F1 cars with a special logo

Spa-Francorchamps (dpa) – Formula 1 and youth classes will remember Anthoine Hubert, who died a year ago in an accident in Spa-Franchorchamps, during the Belgian Grand Prix.

On Sunday (3.10 p.m. / Sky and RTL) there is a minute of silence before the race in top-class motorsport, just like Formula 2 on Saturday. In the second highest formula series, on August 31, Hubert had an accident at the end of the legendary Eau Rouge on the Ardennes circuit and died at the age of just 22. Juan Manuel Correa, who was also involved in the accident, sustained serious injuries to his leg. The US-Ecuadorian is also in Spa-Francorchamps this weekend. “It’s been a year since the accident happened and I felt like I was closing a chapter. But above all, I’m here to pay tribute to Anthoine,” said Correa.

All race cars from Formula 1 to Formula 3 will start this weekend in Belgium with a logo in honor of Hubert. On a predominantly blue background it shows a smiling Hubert, his initials AH and his start number 19, which will never be awarded again in Formula 2.

Hubert has been considered one of the “four musketeers” in racing, along with Charles Leclerc, who drives for Ferrari in Formula 1, Renault driver Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly, who compete for Alpha Tauri in the best motorsport class. “I still can’t believe it …”, the Frenchman wrote on Twitter about a photo in which he places a bunch of flowers. “We miss you, I miss you Tonio.”

Hubert was also a candidate for Formula 1. In 2018 he won the then GP3. “His death shocked the entire motorsport scene,” says a video about Hubert: “He is sorely missed.”

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