According to Markus Söder, this confirms his candidacy for chancellor

Will he? He can? May he? There has been speculation for months about a possible candidate for Chancellor Markus Söder. However, the CSU chairman is still skeptical.

His place is in Bavaria, says Markus Söder with great pleasure recently when asked if he is pursuing the candidacy for chancellor for the Union. However, many don’t really believe the ambitious Bavarian prime minister. Or they don’t want to believe it. Because he also has some supporters in the CDU.

Now Söder has put forward even more arguments in an interview to temper expectations. Söder told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that he was the youngest CSU politician in the party’s history to fulfill the dual roles of prime minister and party chairman. And added: “I’m practically exhausted with that.”

Söder: Only choose chancellor next year

Considering the CSU’s 75-year history, Söder said, “There must be a reason why the CSU never appointed a chancellor.” Söder reiterated his demand that the Union’s candidacy for Chancellor should not be decided until next year: “An early start will not help. The election campaign will be long enough and not easy. Therefore it seems more sensible to remain nervous. It is not all about it. them. Personally, but also about strategy. “All this does not mean, of course, that Söder will not register ambitions for the candidacy for chancellor next year.

Söder also commented on the Union’s still coalition partner: The election campaign was about a new “left project”. The SPD has clearly stated that the most important thing is a government without CDU and CSU. The left party has spoken out for “rebellious” participation in a government. “And for the Greens, my confidence that they would rather rule with us as a junior partner than from the chancellery with the SPD and the Left Party, is not particularly strong.”

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