A highly toxic liquid has leaked on a company site in Baden-Württemberg. Several employees had to be taken to hospital. There is already an assumption about the cause of the accident.

After an acid leak in a hall on the company site in Reutlingen in Baden-Württemberg, several people came to the hospital. Corresponding detectors reported the leak of hydrofluoric acid on Thursday evening, police announced.

The employees were asked to leave the hall. Two of them came into contact with the acid and were taken to a clinic by the ambulance service. Eight others were also taken to a clinic for observation because it was suspected that they had inhaled fumes. According to the information, none of the workers was at risk of death. Danger to the population can also be ruled out. The “Reutlinger Generalanzeiger” reported a few hours after the incident that the injured had all been released from the clinic after a few hours.

Human error is believed to be the cause

A spokesman for the concerned Bosch company told the “Südwest Presse” that no fumes had escaped to the outside. “We believe human error is the likely cause,” said the company spokesman. “We are working closely with the authorities to quickly clarify the ultimate cause of the accident.”

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