Adverse comments about soldiers killed in war, Trump in crisis

President Donald Trump is on fire after an old negative comment about American soldiers killed in the war. With this, a battle has begun in American politics. But Trump and his allies claim the president did not make such remarks.


Trump’s outspoken remarks were first reported in Atlantic magazine. In 2016, Trump is said to have canceled his visit to the American cemetery near Paris. President Donald Trump called the American soldiers killed in the war “losers” and “abettors”. According to The Atlantic, Trump summoned 1,600 American soldiers killed in Bellevue during a single trip to “nipples”.

The Associated Press claims that they have been able to corroborate many of Trump’s statements in an impartial manner. A Fox News correspondent said he corrected some of the statements. Citing multiple sources, the Atlantic says rain was the reason for the cancellation of Trump’s visit. He feared that his hair would be ruined in the rain. He did not believe in honoring American warriors more than his hair.

Veteran groups have sharply criticized Trump since the news broke. Progressive group VoteWets has released a video. “You don’t know,” one of Trump’s family members said. What is the value of this sacrifice? ‘

Who was not surprised when US-group Iraq-Afghanistan veterans asked Paul Richchoff on Twitter?

Democrat candidate and former vice president Joe Biden has called Trump unfit for the presidency because of his remarks. “If the news is true, it sounds true, then it is highly condemnable,” he said. This is a terrible disappointment. “

Democrat Senator Tammy Duckworth lost two legs during the Iraq War. He says President Trump has used the US military to show his arrogance.

Khizir Khan, the father of a veteran killed in the Iraq War, sharply criticized Trump for attending the 2016 Democrat convention. He also agrees with Miss Duckworth’s statement. “When President Trump calls those who lay down their lives for the country, we can understand his personality,” he said.

Analysts say President Trump’s remarks will cause him to disagree over the upcoming presidential election. Because, the support of army and their families is very important for them in elections. But there he took advantage of it.

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