AfD MP Malsack-Winkelmann was outraged by the question of “mask dead”

A child collapses on the school bus and dies. An AfD member of parliament therefore calls for the mask obligation to be abolished a few hours later. There is no evidence of a link with death.

After the death of a 13-year-old, there has been horror at attempts to instrumentalize the case. The girl had collapsed on the school bus in the Palatinate on her way home and died in hospital. The authorities do not have reliable information on the cause of death.

Nevertheless, Berlin AfD member of the Bundestag Birgit Malsack-Winkelmann posted a photo of a child on Facebook with the text “First death by mask?” and demanded, “End the madness”. However, medical professionals consider it extremely unlikely that wearing a mask could lead to death.

A simple trick shows how to use the face mask correctly

Viruses and germs can collect on the face mask – inside and out. The following simple trick will help avoid contact with your hands. (Source: Chillreport)

A simple trick helps: a mouthguard is only effective with the right technique for putting on and taking off. (Source: Chillreport)

“These people have no decency”

In the homeland of the girl, death caused a lot of grief – and almost no one thought of asking about the role of a mask. According to Ralf Wittenmeier, local editor of the “Rheinpfalz” in Germersheim in the south of Rhineland-Palatinate, “enlightenment” is demanded by outside people. In fact, the placement by the Berlin AfD politician was disgusting to Rhineland-Palatinate Party Chairman Uwe Junge. “To the shame of others!” Replied the boy under the post. His party friend has to “apologize and remove”.

Speculation without basis: AfD member of the Bundestag Birgit Malsack-Winkemann with her message about the death of the child. (Source: Screenshot Facebook)

Local editor Wittenmeier summarized in an opinion piece how he experienced the reactions: “Mask refusers, conspiracy buffs and other lateral thinkers would like to see wearing the mask as one of the reasons a 13-year-old had to die. who share their arguments online have no decency. “

The newspaper reported the tragic case as it quickly became a topic of conversation in the region. 32 other students were on the bus on Monday when the driver stopped the vehicle in the Büchelberg district of Wörth at around 1:45 PM due to the emergency. The fight between doctors for the girl’s life in an ambulance lasted about an hour before the girl was taken to hospital.

Three teams took care of the child psychosocial

For the fire brigade and the DRK, the operation continued on the spot: The children were now taken by bus to a nearby hall, where employees of the psychosocial care worker discussed what happened. In total, three teams looked after the children and relatives and offered further discussions.

Working for the school children: The fire brigade of Büchelberg provided the children of the DRK from a bus into which a girl had collapsed. (Source: voluntary fire brigade Büchelberg)Working for the school children: The fire brigade of Büchelberg provided the children of the DRK from a bus into which a girl had collapsed. (Source: voluntary fire brigade Büchelberg)

This made the case public and so local police released brief information after initial concerns about privacy protections. In the evening, the local media reported what was known. No proof of indebtedness to third parties, cause of death unclear.

The autopsy will likely answer the cause. It is mandatory if there is no explanation after the judicial inquiry. The Karlsruhe prosecutor had it carried out. Karlsruhe is primarily responsible because the death was diagnosed in a clinic there. Results could be in the next week. Prosecutors would rather not hear questions or ask journalists about it. In fact, only the family has the right to find out the cause of death, says “Rheinpfalz” journalist Wittenmeier.

MP: “I just asked”

But by Tuesday morning at the latest with the post from AfD MP Birgit Malsack-Winkemann, an ugly question has arisen. “First death by mask?” she wrote on Facebook. “When will the autopsy take place?” Indignant and incomprehensible answers predominate in the more than 2000 comments. The tenor is summarized in friendly terms: you play on the death of a child without empathy.

Apparently Malsack-Winkelmann does not want to row back. When asked by telephone, the attorney Chillreport gives “a closer look at the well-intended advice”. You said “nothing, just asked a question”. And after all, she didn’t mention a name. Nor does it provide any evidence that the mask had anything to do with death.

Association of pulmonologists: wearing a mask is harmless

Doctors will not comment on the specific case without detailed knowledge of the case and a possible medical history. The overall assessment of the German Association of Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine (DGP) is clear: “It is very unlikely that a person will develop life-threatening symptoms from wearing a mask,” DGP Chairman Michael Pfeifer told Chillreport.

The pulmonologist continues: “Based on the current state of knowledge, wearing masks is completely harmless.” In June an analysis of the study situation, published in the journal “The Lancet”, concluded that mouth and nose protection also has a relevant protective effect. Experts see a risk in the fact that cloth masks can become breeding grounds for pathogens if used incorrectly.

Laterally thinking fellow campaigners speak of tribunals

But some people also have doubts or see it as harmless because they generally reject masks. Therefore, the secondment of Bundestag members quickly drew circles around “silk cherry” and “Corona rebels”. But Malsack-Winkemann wasn’t the first to connect, and things got even uglier: a few minutes earlier, the moderator of a Mannheim’s “lateral thinker” demo had posted a photo of the article. “We look forward to the tribunals,” he wrote, adding the acronym for the conspiracy ideological QAnon movement’s motto.

“Tribunals”: The moderator of a lateral thinking demo in Mannheim compares Covid-19 to “harmless colds” and considers mask days more deadly – evidenced by the 13-year-old’s death for unexplained reasons. (Source: Screenshot Facebook)

Screenshots of a message from larger accounts from the “Corona Rebels” scene later appeared that contained even more “information.” The child was actually released from wearing a mask by a certificate and had to wear it despite previous illness. There is no other source about this yet.

Silent Message: This user is writing about a previous illness and medical statement, a screenshot of which is saved as a Silent Post: This user writes about previous illnesses and medical certificates, a screenshot of which is often shared as a “web find”. He himself knows nothing about the matter: someone has posted something about it, he writes when asked. (Source: Screenshot Facebook)

Chillreport locates the man who wrote the text, and he reports back on a request: he doesn’t know anything about it himself. “Someone posted more specific information about it, I just can’t remember where.”

But it fits the picture of those who like to speak of a “Corona dictatorship”.

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