After a crash during the Tour de France

Berlin (AP) – The cyclist John Degenkolb, who retired early from the Tour de France, is still struggling with the consequences of his heavy fall.

“It hurts mentally to be eliminated on the first day of such a race,” said the Team Lotto-Soudal pro at the ZDF’s “Current Sports Studio”. But there was “nothing broken, nothing broken” so that he could look to the future with “confidence”.

The frequent falls in the first week of the tour are mainly due to the “long mandatory break due to the Corona crisis,” the 31-year-old explained. Of course there is “more risk in cycling than in chess,” he admitted, but the high accident rate was not only “extremely noticeable” to him.

Degenkolb said positive that CPA’s drivers association has made progress on joint agreements to minimize risk on the road. As an example Degenkolb mentioned at the start of the tour “the truce in the descents” on the wet, slippery roads. The president of the UCI World Cycling Federation, David Lappartient, also praised this. “It is very wise to slow down in such circumstances,” he said on ZDF.

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