Bielefeld (AP) – Bayern Munich’s last opponent Arminia Bielefeld fears no direct consequences for their own team after the positive corona test by country player Serge Gnabry, who also played in the game on Saturday.

“Of course we sincerely hope that no one has been infected”, sports director Samir Arabi told the “Westfalen-Blatt” after regular tests by the football professionals.

“But even if we had a positive case, it would be impossible to make a direct link to Serge Gnabry’s infection,” Arabi said. “Mainly because, according to the virologists’ assessment, the brief contact on the field is actually not enough to cause an infection, which means that the players are very, very likely not to get infected during the game.” The Bavarians had informed the Arminia before they went public, Arabi reported.

In Saturday’s Bundesliga game, which Munich won 4-1, both clubs’ implemented all the requirements – from the off-field rule to the requirement to wear a mask. And, as is known, Bayern even changed into a cabin in another building. . While the promoted players were getting ready in their own cabin, the Munich team moved to an adjacent high school.

“It’s just an expected situation at this time. Fortunately we’ve been spared so far. Let’s hope it stays that way,” said Arabi. According to the 41-year-old, neither the games nor the training are fundamentally a problem, but the recreational behavior of the players, “both the professionals and the people as a whole.” That is why you have to “sensitize the players again to be particularly careful”.

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