Berlin (AP) – For national player Paul Drux, renouncing the handball world championship in Egypt (13 to 31 January) is out of the question.

“If the national coach wanted to take me, I would come too,” said the captain of the Bundesliga club Füchse Berlin. The 25-year-old had already informed national coach Alfred Gislason.

Drux is currently in the extensive World Cup selection, the final nomination will be announced on Monday. “For me it is one of the greatest privileges to play for Germany. And if the opportunity arises, I would like to take it,” said Drux. But the Berliner does not yet know whether he will be there.

Finn Lemke, Steffen Weinhold, Hendrik Pekeler, Patrick Wienczek and Fabian Wiede have already canceled five Bundesliga pros. “That is a shame, of course, they are big setbacks for sport,” said Drux. But of course he can also understand his colleagues. “Everyone has their own opinion and everyone has different motives. There is no right or wrong. So I respect that and everyone should do that,” said the defender.

He still had thoughts in the corona lockdown. “Of course I also observed the infection process. And of course I also spoke with my partner. But I believe there is a chance that it will be okay,” explains Drux. He is currently watching the European Championship for women. “And I see that bubble very positively there. It also worked with the basketball players. And that is also planned in Cairo. I see it as feasible,” said Drux.

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