Würzburg (dpa) – Bernhard Trares cooked on the inside and chose drastic words. “It’s not a sport, it’s political,” said the Würzburger Kickers coach.

Following the release of four professionals from the Corona quarantine on Saturday (1pm), the bottom of the table in the 2nd Bundesliga will have to play the away game at SV Darmstadt 98 with a presumably non-competitive backside. Trares, 48, who tried to control himself during an online press conference, reported having only “eleven and a half” capable fielders plus two goalkeepers. otherwise it becomes irrelevant. “

According to the statutes of the German Football League (DFL) for the special game operation Corona, the promoted player has a sufficient number of at least 15 players. Injured and banned players are also counted. The associations had drawn up the statutes themselves. “It will certainly not be a regular game,” said former Bundesliga pro Trares, who also played for Darmstadt in his active career.

One of the twelve field players with whom he travels to Hesse is also a sick player. As a fielder, he may even have to replace a goalkeeper. “That’s a plan too.” According to the statutes, Würzburg has 17 professionals, including the blocked Ewerton. “We’re still trying to put together a team when we have to play,” said Trares. The kickers coach assured us that the game would not be “given up”.

After a member of the licensed player’s functional team tested positive for the coronavirus early this week, the Würzburg health department ordered the Kickers professional team to be quarantined “until further notice”. As a result, the home game against FC St. Pauli scheduled for Wednesday was canceled by the DFL.

On Thursday, four actors from Würzburg were removed from quarantine. The regular Covid-19 test run of the currently available cadre plus coaching and support staff yielded only negative results on Friday, according to the club.

One day before the match, Trares again argued for the postponement of the match: “I appeal to the common sense of those responsible. I appeal to people to approach each other in these difficult times.” He spoke of a “difficult situation” that he had never personally experienced in the professional field. The newcomer is in last place with four points from eleven games. Relegation place 16 is already seven meters away. Trares is already the third head coach at Kickers this season.

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