First the strike, then the defeat: Mainz 05 has had a turbulent week. Sports director Rouven Schröder announces talks. It should also be about the coach.

“We will have talks, but open-ended,” said Mainz sports director Rouven Schröder after the 1: 4 defeat to VfB Stuttgart on “Sky”. Saturday’s match against Stuttgart was the low point of a turbulent week in otherwise fairly quiet Mainz.

But it can get even more uncomfortable, as coach Achim Beierlorzer is about to end. When asked whether Beierlorzer will also sit on the bench as a coach on Friday, Schröder said: “I cannot confirm that.” Even before the game, the sports director announced an analysis of the events and added: “It will also be about the coach.”

Beierlorzer himself, on the other hand, is optimistic that he will remain the coach of the 05er and can still reach the team. “We have a constructive relationship with the team. The relationship with the team is intact,” he said after the game. However, the Allgemeine Zeitung reported that there had been conflicts between coach and team for quite some time.

Money as a motive for the strike?

Captain Danny Latza contradicted the rumors at Sky: “We don’t feel any emptiness at all. We appeared as a team and are also behind the coach”. Moreover, according to Latza, the events during the week had no influence on the match.

What Wednesday’s strike was actually about is still not clear a few days after the players failed to show up for practice. At first glance, it was the release of Adam Szalai, but Mainz club chairman Stefan Hofmann wrote on the club’s website that the strike could have been about money as well: “The team was told during these days that they would forgo their wages. Not paid back last season. “

Hofmann announced halfway through the match against Stuttgart on “Sky” that the first results will be announced during the international break in early October. After the disastrous second half, the board must meet on Sunday and decide on the future of Achim Beierlorzer.

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