The FBI arrested a woman on the Canadian border. She is suspected of sending a letter containing highly toxic ricin to the US president.

After US President Donald Trump sent an envelope containing highly toxic ricin, authorities arrested a suspect. The Canadian had tried to enter the United States from Canada, the FBI federal police said. The woman would have carried a gun.

A spokesman for US Customs said there had been an arrest at the Peace Bridge intersection in Buffalo, New York. At first he gave no further details. The envelope containing the ricin was intercepted a few days ago and did not enter the White House.

Not the first bout with ricin

According to the New York Times, security authorities believe the dangerous shipment was shipped from Canada. Mail to the White House is first sorted and examined in warehouses outside Washington.

Ricin is a toxic protein extracted from the seeds of the miracle tree. In humans, if inhaled, ingested or injected, it can cause serious organ damage and, depending on the dose, death. There is no known antidote.

Letters containing the highly toxic ricin had already been sent to President Barack Obama and then New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2013. And in March, the higher regional court of Düsseldorf sentenced a 31-year to 10 years in prison for the Preparing for a terrorist attack with a ricin bomb.

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