A shocking scene occurred in the Bundesliga match between Schalke 04 and FC Augsburg. Ex-player Mark Uth remained motionless after a collision – and had to be carried off the field.

Great concern for Mark Uth. Schalke’s player had to be carried off the field in the match against FC Augsburg after a collision with international Felix Uduaokhai.

Uth motionless

In the 10th minute of the match, Felix Uduokhai of Augsburg went into a header duel with Mark Uth and caught him unhappily in the back of the head. As soon as he fell, Uth lost consciousness and uncontrollably hit the ground at the foot of Rani Khedira, where he lay dazed and motionless.

Moment of shock in Augsburg: After a collision with Felix Uduokhai, the motionless Mark Uth had to be carried off the field. (Source: Polar photo / image images)

The 29-year-old attacker had to be treated on the lawn for minutes. His neck was stabilized and he was given an IV. Uth’s teammates and Schalke’s invaders watched the scenes with depression. Uth was eventually taken off the square on a stretcher.

Just minutes later, Uduokhai went into an aerial duel and this time Nassim caught Boujellab on the center line on the back of the head, who also had to be treated for minutes on end.

++ update ++

In the meantime, Schalke 04 announced that Mark Uth is approachable and stable. He is on his way to the clinic with the team doctor.

++ update ++

As Schalke announced in the meantime, Mark Uth has a concussion. He will stay in the hospital overnight and can probably leave the hospital tomorrow.

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