After the threat from Boris Johnson, the lead attorney gives up his position

After Boris Johnson threatened to revoke the already valid Brexit agreement, his lead attorney now wants to give up his post. He had not approved of Johnson’s move.

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In the Brexit dispute, according to the media, the UK government’s chief legal adviser, Jonathan Jones, has resigned. Jones did not agree with the planned changes to the already valid Brexit agreement, the Financial Times reported Tuesday shortly before the start of a new round of negotiations between the EU and London.

Johnson wants to change agreements that have already been agreed

A spokesperson for the authorities confirmed Jones’s resignation, but gave no reason. Several top government officials had already had their hats in recent days.

According to The Telegraph, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is calling for major changes to the Brexit deal that is already in force. It isolates Northern Ireland from Britain – that’s how Johnson explains his move, according to the report, which could be the death knell for the planned trade pact with the European Union. You can read more about this in the analysis by Chillreport editor Patrick Diekmann.

Great Britain left the EU at the end of January. In a transitional phase until the end of the year, the country will still be part of the EU internal market and the customs union, so that almost nothing has changed in daily life. If no contract for future relationships is successful, there could be a hard economic break in early 2021 with tariffs and other trade barriers.

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