Four tigers were infected with the corona at a zoo in New York, US. They have recovered. This time, four lions of the zoo in Barcelona, ​​Spain, were attacked by Corona. Two zoo employees in charge of their care are also affected by Corona. The corona virus is believed to have attacked the lions. German media Deutsche Welle reported this.

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The four lions affected by Corona are Jala, Neema, Run Run and Kamb. Everyone has slight signs of corona.

Barcelona Zoo officials then contacted the New York Zoo. They want to know how Corona-infected tigers recover. Four tigers were infected with the corona in April and recovered 15 days later.

According to the Veterinary Department of the Zoo in Barcelona, ​​the only zoo in New York has complete documentation for the treatment of tigers. Therefore they are approached.

The lions attacking their zoo did not come close to any other animals. So do not spread it with other animals and do not spread it.

The zoo’s temporary director, Julie M ie Ory, said that no lion was likely to be infected with the corona. Because, they are visible to the audience from a distance.

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