Augsburg (AP) – Kevin Trapp slipped into the role of Frankfurt Santa Claus.

The national goalkeeper had promised his teammates a very special gift for the long-awaited end of the winless series against FC Augsburg, which he now has to get quickly while shopping online after Eintracht’s 2-0 (0-0).

“Before the game, I made a bet with the boys: if we didn’t get a goal, I would buy them three Xbox consoles,” said Trapp, 30, “It was worth it!” The prospect of the toys popular with football professionals helped: on match day 13, the Hesse played to zero for the first time in this Bundesliga season, with luck, fighting spirit and also thanks to the goalkeeper. “We needed a good Kevin Trapp to play from zero,” said coach Adi Hütter.

Santa Claus Trapp didn’t wear a red coat or white beard on the field, but he was already dressed up. For the first time he played in an orange goalkeeper jersey. He was also wearing a new pair of gloves. He had said to goalkeeper coach Jan Zimmermann: “These will be the zero gloves!”

Said and done. Trapp’s Christmas story matched the relaxed atmosphere that led to the season’s third win in the league’s draw kings. “This is an absolute liberation that we have succeeded in after we have not always been followed by happiness in recent weeks,” said Hütter happy and relieved at the same time.

This time, the goddess of fortune advocated unity. The 1-0 result came from a remarkable own goal when Augsburg captain Jeffrey Gouwelleuw unhappily shot his defending colleague Raphael Framberger. And before substitute Stefan Ilsanker scored the 2-0 in the 87th minute, the referee could have pointed to the penalty spot when defender Tuta knocked his Brazilian compatriot Iago to the ground in the penalty area. “We were lucky,” admitted Hütter, according to the TV images.

The fact that they managed to win the last game of the year was funny anyway. “The game could have easily ended 4: 4,” said Augsburg forward Alfred Finnbogason, given the odds on both sides. Tore only cheered the guests, and that alone mattered to them. “We’ve had a lot of negative things,” said Trapp, recalling the two and a half month of unsuccessful months with only two defeats, but nine draws and late goals as before against Gladbach.

The last impression, the last result, which also formed Hütter’s conclusion at the end of a “difficult” Corona year. “With this victory, our sporting end is good”, summed up the 50-year-old Austrian. With 17 points, Eintracht still overtook FCA. The European Cup places are within reach again. Defender Martin Hinteregger stated at the former workplace in Augsburg that you have “a small connection to the top”.

After the short winter break of just two weeks, things should go even further. In any case, Trapp has zero plans for 2021 – and a new favorite dress: “I don’t know if it was the orange jersey. But I will certainly wear it more often in the future.”

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