On Wednesday, a government air strike in Afghanistan killed at least 45 people, including Taliban members and civilians. A US military spokesman said the bombing occurred in the afternoon in front of the US Army base.

Security forces said the airstrike killed at least eight Afghan civilians. Many more were injured.

Afghan forces claim that their airstrikes were intended to eliminate the Taliban. But it has rekindled tensions over the deaths of at least eight civilians. The Taliban has issued a written statement on the incident. Authorities have promised to investigate the situation.

Analysts say the peace process of the security forces with the Taliban, which began a few months ago, was a major setback for the security forces.

The incident began on Wednesday night. Herat province in the eastern part of Afghanistan. Adraskan district is inhabited by Taliban. District Governor Ali Ahmed Fakir Yar said that there were two consecutive airstrikes on Wednesday night. One bomb after another was dropped from the plane. In an instant, the entire area was turned into rubble. The area inhabited by the Taliban is said to be densely populated. As a result, many civilians died in the attack.

Eyewitnesses said that many common villagers along with Taliban members were killed in the attack.

A Taliban statement said that members of the Taliban who were recently released from prison and were planning to return to normal life again took up arms.

An Afghan government source said only Afghan soldiers were involved in Wednesday’s air strike. US forces did not participate. A US military spokesman confirmed the incident.

In the face of criticism, the Afghan government has said that it will investigate how civilians were killed and how many were killed. That report will be published in the media soon. However, Afghan security forces claim that they do not have air strikes; Instead, common villagers have been killed by landmines planted by the Taliban.

The US signed a peace deal with the Taliban leadership in February. Under the agreement, Washington promised to release about 5,000 Taliban prisoners. In return, the Taliban promised to release 1,000 members of the security forces. That process is still going on.

The United States and Afghan security forces have so far released 4,000 Taliban prisoners. The Taliban have released 500 prisoners. Experts fear that Wednesday’s attack will bring a rift in the process.

According to an independent human rights group, there have been a total of 70 violent incidents since the signing of the peace deal in Afghanistan in February. One thousand 213 civilians were killed. One thousand 744 people were injured. But Wednesday’s incident has outpaced everything. Source: DW

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