Alexander Zverev – tears on live TV after defeat in the final

After the dramatic final against Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev’s emotions break – the 23-year-old delivers a tearful speech before the award ceremony.

What a US Open final – with what a dramatic ending. Alexander Zverev just missed his first Grand Slam title. The New York final against his buddy Dominic Thiem turned into a rollercoaster ride, a crime thriller – and ultimately a bitter defeat for the 23-year-old. After the four-hour race, the man from Hamburg was asked about his emotions at the award ceremony. What followed was a poignant performance.

“I don’t know where to start. Congratulations on the first of many Grand Slam titles. You should have made a few more mistakes,” said Zverev with a wink – then couldn’t hold back. “There are some important people missing today. I want to thank my parents,” said Zverev, before his voice gave out and he could no longer hold back tears. He had to start over several times, moved, before he could finish the sentence. The fact that his parents could not be with him because of the Corona crisis made him very upset.

“I had to shed a tear from Sascha. That is the maximum penalty for losing the final this way and not being able to have your loved ones. But Germany is proud of you,” said Eurosport expert Becker, predicting: “Sascha comes back, the future is his. “

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