To run for President of the United States, a candidate must secure at least 270 electoral votes. Democratic candidate Joe Biden has already received 131 electoral votes. On the other hand, incumbent President Donald Trump received 92 votes. While Biden is still ahead, the final decision is yet to name anyone as potential president. All eyes are now on the state of Florida, which is known as an important battleground.

The total number of voters in Florida is 29. Usually who wins in this state; He took his place in the White House. Only twice in the history of the United States has a victorious candidate been elected to the presidency. Winning the rest of the time in Florida meant gaining his seat in the White House.

“There’s still a lot of games left,” Biden told reporters on Tuesday. We are waiting. “On the other hand, a Trump adviser openly stated that the game is over as soon as Biden wins in Florida.

According to the BBC, 93 percent of the vote in Florida has already been counted. Trump leads with 51 percent of the vote. On the other hand, Biden received 49 percent. This means that fierce warfare is going on. Only after counting 100 percent of the votes will you know who will occupy the important state of Florida. It is difficult to predict before. Who will be victorious in this state; He seems a little ahead in the White House race.

In addition to Florida, important states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina are also under investigation. This is because states known as battlefields or oscillations can make a difference in the electoral vote.

A record 100 million advance votes were cast in this election. Voting took place on Tuesday on the day of the main election. Apparently, the US elections have not had such a large turnout in the last 100 years. Voting has already ended in most places. Fruits have also started coming. But interested political observers and ordinary people now look to Florida.

It remains to be seen whether Florida will be in Trump’s basket or whether it will be in Biden’s hands. But this time in Florida, the notable thing is that he is able to attract more Hispanic voters than expected.

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