US President Trump does not always take the truth that seriously, he was back in top form after the election. An evaluation shows: almost nothing is right about his most recent tweets.

That US President Donald Trump likes to tweet is nothing new. Not even that he often spreads untruths. But almost nothing is true about the tweets he has been spreading since the election, as the American television channel CNN first evaluated. A few examples:

In one of the first tweets Donald Trump dropped during the election, he wrote, “I’m making a statement tonight. A great VICTORY!”

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As later in his speechTrump is speaking here on election night about a major victory he supposedly had. In fact, the race is tight at the moment, both candidates still have a long way to go. Opponent Joe Biden is much more cautious: “We think we are on track to win this election.”

Are the Democrats trying to “steal” the election?

The first great excitement follows shortly after. Democrats are trying to “steal” the election Trump claims. And further: “It is no longer possible to vote after the closure of the election offices”.

Twitter warned this tweet that the content was potentially misleading. The “possible” could even be deleted here: OSCE election observers spoke of an orderly and calm election. They saw a particular risk in Trump’s statements, which, according to observers, damage “trust in democratic institutions.”

The second statement is also incorrect: because soldiers’ voting cards stationed outside of the United States, for example, can arrive later in some states, in Pennsylvania, until about November 10. That’s what the law says. Some states also allow postal ballots with a postmark dated on election day but arriving later.

Claim: voices magically disappear

After his speech at around 1:30 am (local time), Trump paused on Twitter for a moment, but reported the next morning, “Last night, I led, often firmly, in many important states, including many Democratic states.” It is true that Trump initially led to states that were further democratically controlled, such as Wisconsin and Nevada.

Trump continues, however, “Then they have one by one (Note: his voices) began to magically disappear when surprising ballots were counted. VERY STRANGE. “First of all, the votes counted on election night have not disappeared, but are only decreasing in percentage terms as more votes were counted. That’s neither magical nor” strange “, but a percentage calculation.

There were also no “surprise voting deposits”. In Michigan, for example, city votes came in late and post votes were also counted later. In both cases the percentage of democratic votes is much higher than in the countryside.

Trump’s next tweet: “We are winning by a wide margin in Pennsylvania, but the Secretary of State has just announced that millions of ballots are to be counted there.” In any case, it should be taken for granted that every vote is counted in a democratic election.

In fact, 11 hours earlier, the state governor wrote that there are over a million ballots that have not been counted. But Trump pretends that these votes come as a surprise. This could make his followers feel that something went wrong with the election – a story he already has Served again and again for months.

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