America calls on Europe to reject economic terrorism

Iran calls for Europe to reject US economic terrorism Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif made the call in a Twitter post.

Zarif tweeted, “Iran has rejected nuclear weapons for religious and strategic reasons.” This is more important than any agreement. “

Zarif also talked about Iran’s nuclear deal with six countries. Addressing Germany, France and the United Kingdom, he said that the US should stand up against economic terrorism if it wanted to implement the nuclear deal in full.

The Iranian foreign minister said that three European countries (United Kingdom, Germany and France) should reject US economic terrorism for full implementation of the agreement through a comprehensive plan. Along the way he rejected the United States’ disastrous plan in the United Nations Security Council.

In Vienna in June 2015, five members of the Security Council – United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China (P5) and Germany (1) signed a nuclear deal with Iran. According to the agreement, Tehran has promised not to develop nuclear weapons, even if it continues its uranium enrichment activities. In May 2016, US President Donald Trump announced that the agreement, signed by his predecessor Obama, was “bad and bad” and that the United States would back off from it. And in November, US sanctions on Tehran were reinstated. On the other hand, Iran is accusing European countries of not taking any action even when they talk about the implementation of the agreement. Angered by the withdrawal of the US and the failure of European countries to keep their promises, the country announced a partial withdrawal from the agreement.

Despite the unilateral withdrawal of the nuclear deal, the US is insisting on a ban on Iran. As part of that, US officials moved a draft resolution to the Security Council, which, if passed, would extend arms to Iran indefinitely. However, the Security Council rejected the US resolution.

According to Security Council resolution 2231, it is expected to remove weapons from Iran on October 16 this year.

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