America has accused Russia of amateur behavior

The US has accused Russia of “indecent behavior”. The country’s air force says the way two Russian fighter jets called a long-range American bomber “unsafe and unprofitable”.

A statement from the US Air Force stationed in Europe said that two Russian Su-27 fighter jets were fired from the Black Sea into international waters on August 27 in the U.S. The B-52 bomber was intercepted. At the time, the American bomber was in regular flight.

The statement said Russian pilots flew the B-52 at the same altitude within 100 feet of the aircraft, a manifestation of their amateur behavior.

The statement, quoted by US Air Force Commander General Jeff Harrigian, stationed in Europe, said such behavior increases the risk of unnecessary collisions in space, which is against international aviation law.

Earlier, Russia’s Ministry of Defense said on Friday that two of its Su-27s intercepted a US B-52 bomber in the Black Sea. The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that the aircraft has been diverted from a safe distance to prevent it from entering Russian airspace. Source: Purse Today

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