Kuwait’s new Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad al-Sabah has met with senior US and Iranian officials. Separately, officials of the two countries met on Sunday to express their respect for the former emir. British news agency Reuters reported.

Former Kuwaiti emir Sheikh Saba al-Ahmad died on Tuesday and his brother Sheikh Nawaf assumed power. The late emir maintained strong ties with the United States, balancing relations between neighboring Saudi Arabia and Iran. Kuwait was liberated in 1990–91 under the leadership of the American Alliance.

US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper commented that the late Amir would be remembered as a great man and a close friend of the United States.

According to Kuwait’s state news agency, Sheikh Nawaf also met Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif on the same day. The Iranian minister praised the late Amir.

Nawaf al-Ahmad, 63, was sworn in as the new emir of Kuwait on Wednesday. He called for unity in the Middle East after taking the oath. Also, he pledged to work for the development, stability and security of the country.

Kuwait is the sixth largest oil producer in the world. Out of 41 lakh population of the country, 3.4 million are foreigners. The Sabah family has ruled the country for the last 260 years. Kuwait is an important ally of the United States in the Gulf region. The Amir has the power to make final decisions on the political affairs of the country. Aamir also has the power to dissolve the Parliament or call for elections.

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