Coronavirus-infected US President Donald Trump has given rise to all criticism from the hospital to the White House. He claims that American citizens are learning to avoid the virus. He made these demands on Tuesday (6 October). This information has been revealed by the report of British news agency Reuters.US President Donald Trump

The Republican president, who is running for re-election next November against Democratic candidate Joe Biden, has repeatedly ignored coronoviruses. But the virus has killed more than a million people worldwide. The highest number of deaths in the United States was about 290,000.

Nevertheless, Trump wrote in a Twitter post on Tuesday, हर Every year many people, sometimes with more than a million vaccines, die from the flu. And we will close our country? No, we have learned to live with it, as we have learned to live with Kovid, for most people it is much more than fatal !!! ‘

However, according to US government data, about 22,000 people died of influenza virus in the 2019–2020 season. Before he contracted Corona himself, Trump admitted to a journalist that coronovirus was more deadly than the flu virus.

Trump has no public schedule scheduled for Tuesday. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, in a tweet, he expressed optimism about joining a second debate scheduled with Joe Biden on 15 October. He claims that he is very good.

However, the White House physician said. Sean Conley stressed that Trump is receiving world-class medical care at all times.

After three days in the hospital, US President Donald Trump took off his mask and took a picture on Monday (October 5) at the top of the White House stairs. When he finished taking pictures, he entered leaving the mask open. The US president later posted a video of himself standing on the balcony on Twitter. In another video captured at the time, Trump appeared to be taking a deep breath in the balcony. Then a hashtag related to it surfaced in Twitter trending.

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