Tens of thousands of tons of ammunition have been detonated in Russia near Moscow. The material was stored in a depot. The explosion caught fire in the area and put thousands of people at risk.

An ammunition dump with tens of thousands of tons of explosive material was blown up in Russia on Wednesday. More than 2,000 people then had to be rescued from forest fires. The “Guardien” reports. Authorities say the depot exploded southeast of Moscow, causing the dry grass to catch fire. Five people were injured in the accident.

“The worst is behind us”

400 firefighters fought the flames on Wednesday evening. The Russian Emergency Ministry sent additional troops from Moscow to the affected region of Ryazan. The region’s governor, Nikolai Lyubimov, said in the evening: “The worst is behind us, the situation is under control.”

The depot is said to have stored 75,000 tons of ammunition, including missiles and artillery ammunition. This is not the first explosion of its kind in Russia. There are still large ammunition depots in the country.

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