A scene from the match between Gladbach and Frankfurt causes a stir: in the heated final phase of the match, world champion Christoph Kramer seems to have spat on his teammate. The DFB determined.

The DFB is investigating Gladbach star Christoph Kramer because of an alleged spitting attack. The 2014 world champion is accused of deliberately spitting on his Frankfurt opponent Sebastian Rode in the final stages of the Bundesliga game (3: 3). The association provided the necessary television images to form an opinion about the intention. That’s what the “kicker” reported.

In injury time of the heated game, Kramer turned in the direction of his opponent, who had turned his back, and spat. The DFB now especially wants to check the distance between the Gladbacher and Rode and thus decide whether Kramer acted on purpose. For a similar scene, Schalke’s defender Ozan Kabak was banned from the DFB sports field for four games in September.

Kramer himself denies an intention. “Of course I didn’t spit at him! Apart from the fact that such an action wouldn’t really occur to me now and apart from the fact that I also really like Sebastian Rode, just no,” said the midfielder of “Bild. “. Rode said he had not heard of the scene.

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