Shortly before Chancellor Merkel speaks in the Bundestag, Minister Julia Klöckner wants to change places and falls on a flat staircase. But a short time later it signals everything clearly.

Federal Secretary of Agriculture Julia Klöckner tripped and fell on a flat staircase before the general debate on the federal budget began – she did not appear to have been injured. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) handed the CDU politician in the Bundestag her glasses, which she had fallen off a step while descending.

Julia Klöckner after the fall next to Olaf Scholz: She has not injured herself and raises her hands as a sign that everything has gone well again. (Source: Kay Nietfeld / dpa)

Klöckner, wearing high-heeled shoes, sat with both hands on the floor. After the fall, she immediately got up again and gave the photographer a sign under the motto: Everything is okay, nothing happens. She followed the general debate at the government bench and worked on files in between.

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