Another 217 people died in Corona, Iran.

Coronovirus prevalence in Iran is increasing. On Sunday, 2,333 more people were detected in the country. At the same time, 218 people died in Corona. The BBC quoted an official from the Ministry of Health as saying.

Officials said that infection has been increasing in the country since mid-May.

The lockout in Iran was eased in April as the infection subsided. Since then, mosques and shops have been opened and people have been allowed to move from one province to another.

At the onset of the epidemic, the outbreak was limited to the city of Qom and the capital Tehran. The virus later spread to the southwest. Especially in Iraq’s border province Khuzestan.

President Hassan Rouhani has directed people to use public transport in crowded areas and wear masks.

Authorities have also imposed new restrictions in the capital Tehran.

According to the World Survey, coronavirus has been found in 291,172 people in Iran so far. Of these, 15,600 people have died.

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