An African American was killed in a police operation in Ohio, USA. The 23-year-old was apparently mistaken and shot. There are witnesses to the deed.

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In the United States, another African American was killed in a controversial police operation. The United States Department of Justice announced on Tuesday that the FBI will assist local police in Columbus, Ohio with the investigation. Columbus police had previously announced that a police officer had shot a 23-year-old African-American named Casey Goodson last Friday while searching for suspects. Goodson was not the person I was looking for.

Allegations against security forces

Lawyers for the deceased’s family made serious allegations against security forces. The lawyers said Casey Goodson was shot dead by the police officer while opening his own front door. Goodson returned from a dentist appointment and had sandwiches with him and his family. Although he carried a weapon, he had a license for it. Goodson had no criminal record, nor was he investigated. His 72-year-old grandmother and two young children witnessed the incident.

In the US, there are violent protests against black people about police brutality this year. The most famous victim was African American George Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in late May. Under the slogan “Black Lives Matter”, there were mass protests against police brutality and racism in the US for months, some of which were overshadowed by riots.

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