Another black person shot and killed by police in USA

Another black policeman is murdered in the United States amid ongoing protests against police racism. According to a CBS-Los Angeles report, the deceased man was identified as Dejan Keezy. The 29-year-old died on the spot in police firing.

In the past few months, many blacks have been killed or seriously injured by US police from George Floyd to Jacob Blake. Disney was added to the list on Monday. Soon after his death, hundreds of people gathered at the scene and started protesting. He later marched to the Sheriff’s Station and demanded justice.

Local Sheriff Lt. Brandon Dean has claimed that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Depot tried to stop Disney for allegedly violating the “vehicle code”. He gave up his bicycle and tried to run away. When the police chased and caught him, he punched a deputy in the face.

County Sheriff Lt. Brandon Dean told reporters there Deputies noticed that there was a black semi-automatic handgun inside the fallen clothing. This led to the shooting. ‘

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Dean said the duties involved in the incident had not yet been questioned. But “he had a weapon and killed a deputy.”

Earlier, on August 23, another black man, Jacob Blake, was seriously injured by a police shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Blake’s spine was shattered in seven consecutive shots. Despite the surgery, this black young man cannot walk normally. Blake’s lawyer Ben Crump said his client was paralyzed.

Lt. Dean said investigators have not yet spoken to eyewitnesses nor received any video footage. However, the real truth will be revealed through investigation.

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