Another party is now in the Bundestag

Former AfD politician Uwe Kamann has joined the LKR. AfD founder Bernd Lucke’s small party now has a seat in the Bundestag – and wants to run for the next election.

The Liberal Conservative Reformers (LKR) did not participate in the 2017 federal election, but a member of the small party is now a member of parliament. Uwe Kamann from North Rhine-Westphalia – not affiliated since leaving the AfD in December 2018 – joined the LKR a year before the next federal election.

“This party is a firewall against the AfD – that’s one of the reasons I’m participating,” Kamann told the German news agency. The entrepreneur is now a member of the LKR as a board member without voting rights, responsible for the political fields of digitization, innovation promotion and competitiveness.

LKR wants to stand as a candidate for the next federal election

The founding of the LKR dates back to the split in the AfD in the summer of 2015. At that point, AfD founder Bernd Lucke and several representatives of the party’s economically liberal wing formed their own party in protest against a shift to the right. of the AfD, they noted. This Euro-critical party, which was first called ALFA and then had to rename itself after a name dispute, is currently not represented in any federal state parliament.

She wants to work nationally for the federal elections in 2021. The current president is Jürgen Joost (63) from Neumünster. Lucke, who now teaches again at the university in Hamburg, is still a member of the LKR, but without a management position.

“Most of our slightly more than 800 members previously did not belong to the AfD,” said Joost. The LKR sees itself as a “political anchor for the liberal-conservative spectrum”.

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