Another proposal to give Trump the Nobel Prize

This is the second time US President Donald Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Swedish legislator Magnus Jacobson has nominated Kosovo and Serbia for their role in bringing peace to the country. Earlier on September 9 (Wednesday), Norwegian Member of Parliament Christian Tybring-Gazade nominated Trump for mediation to bring the long disputed Israel and the United Arab Emirates under the proposal. However, the Nobel Committee of Norway has not yet commented on the matter.

Coincidentally, the war of Serb forces against the Albanian rebels of Kosovo ended in 1998–99. In that war, NATO launched a military campaign against Serbia. The country was forced to retreat from Kosovo. A decade later, in 2006, Kosovo officially annexed Serbia. He later declared independence in collaboration with the United States. In the first week of this month, President Trump announced on Friday that Serbia and Kosovo had decided to strengthen economic ties while mediating by the United States. Standing next to the two leaders in the Oval Office, President Trump said, “I am proud of this historic promise.

Announcing Trump’s second nomination, Jacobson tweeted on Friday, “I have proposed to nominate the Trump administration, Serbia and Kosovo to the Nobel Peace Prize for a joint agreement on peace and economic development signed at the White House. ” Business and communication are important conditions for peace. “

Two days earlier (9 September), Trump was nominated for the 2021 Peace Prize, citing arbitration in the UAE-Israel agreement. The United Arab Emirates, the third Arab state after Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994, announced on August 13 that it had signed an agreement to normalize relations with Israel mediated by Trump. Apart from activating telephone communication between the two countries, regular flights have also started. Christian Tybring has nominated the US President for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the accord. “Donald Trump’s role in resolving global conflicts is commendable,” he said, adding that “Trump has brought peace back to many countries around the world.” He should be nominated for the award next year. ‘

This is not the first time Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Prize. Earlier in 2016, his name was proposed in Singapore in the context of peace talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. But in the end, Trump did not win the award.

The process of selecting the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize began in September of last year. The Nobel Committee then sends out invitations to those eligible for nomination. These include National Assemblies (MPs, Ministers) of various sovereign states, heads of government of various countries, International Courts of Law, Chancellors of Universities, Professors of Sociology, History, Philosophy, Law and Theology; Peace Research Institute, leader of the Institute of Foreign Affairs; The person or organization that won the Nobel Peace Prize; Former and current member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee and former advisor of the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

According to information published on the NobelPrize.ORG website, the Norwegian Nobel Committee selects Nominee from among the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize and announces the winner. A five-member committee was formed to select the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. The committee was appointed by the Parliament of Norway.

After receiving the invitation in September, there is an opportunity to submit nomination papers by 1 February of the following year. However, no one can nominate themselves. After this time, those submitting nomination papers are considered for the following year. A short list is made of those who submit nomination papers on time. The Nobel Committee evaluates the work of the candidates and makes that short list. March to August are taken as advisors. The shortlist was reevaluated by the committee’s permanent advisors.

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