Another Russian vaccine trial begins this month

Russia says trials on another coronovirus vaccine are scheduled to begin this month. The state-run Russian news agency RIA confirmed the information. Testing is expected to begin in late September.

The first vaccine against coronavirus invented by Russian scientists is still under discussion. The medical journal The Lancet published a research article based on the results of preliminary tests on the vaccine last Friday. Meanwhile, Russia announced the start of another coroner’s ticker test.

The second vaccine was developed by the state-run Vector Institute, the country’s news agency RIA said on Monday, citing Russia’s consumer health surveillance. The trial of this vaccine will begin on September 30.

The corona epidemic has already claimed more than 690,000 lives. According to, a website that publishes information about the epidemic at all times, nearly thirty-five million corona patients have been identified so far worldwide. Out of these, more than 1 crore 93 lakh patients have been recovered.

Efforts are being made to develop a safe and effective vaccine from the early stages of the spread of coronovirus infection worldwide. As of 3 September, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization, work is underway on 17 potential coronavirus vaccines in various countries. The third phase of the vaccine is being tested in collaboration with UK pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, Oxford University’s vaccine, China’s SynoviC, US’s Modern and American company Pfizer and German company Bioentech. However, there is no Russian vaccine in the World Health Organization list.

The first vaccine invented in Russia was named Sputnik-V. Phase III trials of this vaccine have begun. However, researchers in the West have expressed doubts about the vaccine’s effectiveness and safety.

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