Shots are fired in the middle of the Austrian capital, resulting in several deaths and injuries. A terrorist is shot. It is unclear whether he had accomplices.

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According to the Austrian minister of the interior, another victim died after the terrorist attack in Vienna. The bloody act on Monday night killed a total of four passersby – two men and two women, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer confirmed to APA news agency Tuesday morning. In addition, the perpetrator was shot by the police. Several people were arrested during searches “in the vicinity of the perpetrator”.

At least one Islamist terrorist was responsible for the terrorist attack. The killer was a sympathizer of the IS terrorist militia, Nehammer said Tuesday morning. The man was armed with an assault rifle and also wore an explosives belt for puppet. Apparently he wanted to spread panic.

The suspect’s home was searched for incriminating material, he said. 1000 civil servants are on duty in Vienna. “We cannot rule out at the moment that there are other perpetrators,” said Nehammer. The relevant investigations were in full swing.

15 people were taken to hospitals with injuries. Seven of them were seriously injured, including a police officer.

Six crime scenes in the city center

The attack had started around 8 p.m. in the Seitenstettengasse, where many people were outside shortly before the new Corona curfew began. There is also a synagogue there. A police officer was also shot here. According to the police, there were a total of six different crime scenes in the inner city of Vienna: Seitenstettengasse, Graben, Fleischmarkt, Bauernmarkt, Salzgries and Morzinplatz.

People were “randomly shot at people in the bars” – especially people sitting outside. The shot police officer is in hospital, but his life is not in danger, police confirm. An ORF correspondent reported that the suspected perpetrator who was shot was lying in front of the Ruprechtskirche.

Four deaths confirmed so far

First there was a dead passer-by. During the night, a woman died of her injuries in a hospital, Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig said of ORF.

Home Secretary Nehammer confirmed a third fatal accident on Tuesday morning. The shot killer is said to have worn an explosive belt, which turned out to be a dummy. The man was armed with a long weapon, as well as a pistol and a machete. He was “very well prepared,” as Ludwig explained.

Motives of the perpetrators are initially unclear

Initially no information was known about the motives of the perpetrators on Tuesday evening. Early in the evening, it was feared that the synagogue in the Seitenstettengasse could be the target of the attack after eyewitnesses reported gunshots at the church.

In the evening, speculations about an Islamist background followed in the social networks. The newspaper “Bild” reported with a pixelated image that the main culprit was probably an IS supporter.

Possibly other perpetrators on the run

Even after midnight, not everything was free. Most of the center of the Austrian capital was cordoned off. Vienna’s inner city has been declared a “red zone” which, according to international experience, is the most prone to further action. The authorities called on citizens to stay at home if possible. In addition to the police, soldiers were also deployed to protect property. Interior Minister Nehammer overnight renewed the call to the Viennese: “Avoid the city center.” The students would not have to go to school if they or their parents did not want to.

The general manager for public security, Franz Ruf, announced that controls at Austrian borders would be tightened. According to him, there should be roadblocks in Vienna.

Videos and images circulate on the net

Several videos and photos allegedly showing scenes from the attack also circulated on the network overnight. An eyewitness video showed a person lying on the floor and a large pool of blood in front of a pub. Another video showed a masked gunman firing at least two shots into the open street.

Terror in Vienna: a video shows a man walking through the city center with a gun and firing shots. (Source: screenshot)

Further photos apparently showed the arrest of four people in the center of Vienna. The men kneel on the floor, shirtless and with their hands raised. What this is all about is unclear.

Arrest: In the Graben, one of Vienna's most famous streets, the police overpowered four men. You had to free your upper body first - out of concern about potentially explosive vests. (Source: Twitter / SVNewsAlters)Arrest: In the Graben, one of Vienna’s most famous streets, the police overpowered four men. You had to free your upper body first – out of concern about potentially explosive vests. (Source: Twitter / SVNewsAlters)

The police again called on the population at night to avoid public places. “We are on duty with all possible powers. In addition, it has been asked not to spread rumors over the internet.” DO NOT post videos and photos on social media, this endangers both the emergency services and the civilian population! “

In the area around the crime scene, many guests stayed in the restaurants in the evenings and late at night, waiting for the signal from the police to leave. Helicopters circled above the city center. Local public transport in the center of the capital has stopped completely.

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