White House press secretary Keilg McCann has announced that he has been infected with coronavirus. He said in a tweet on Monday (October 5) that his corona had been identified in a new trial after his report had been negative for the past few days. However, he said he did not have any symptoms. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania, as well as several of her close allies in the White House, were the latest to be attacked by McKinney. Questions have already been raised in the United States about how the virus spread to the protected White House. This information came from a broadcaster CNN report. White House press secretary Keeleigh McKenney

Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump were allegedly attacked by Corona last Thursday night. The US president had to deliver oxygen to the White House despite Melania’s mild symptoms. He was then admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. But Trump made a sudden move on Sunday. He waved to the supporters and drove around in his car for a while. Such actions of the President have already raised questions in the country.

Along with Trump, many other officials and advisers inside and outside the White House, from his personal aides to Corona, have already attacked him. And even after Trump was attacked by Corona, press secretary Keileg McCann was avoiding wearing the mask in public. He was scheduled to appear on Fox News on Monday morning, but he canceled it. Sometime later, he announced that he had contracted Corona.

Two of his employees, Chad Gilmartin and Carolyn Levitt, were allegedly attacked Monday afternoon after Corona was attacked by press secretary McCanney. A White House official said that the press team was working from home, but there were still some needy employees in the White House.

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