A man from Franconia is said to have offered his partner’s daughter to truck drivers for sexual abuse. He is now in custody with the child’s mother and another man.

In Franconia, a child is said to have been offered to truck drivers for sexual abuse for money. The girl’s mother from the Main-Rhön region, her partner and another man had been taken into custody in the case, the public prosecutor of Schweinfurt and the police station of Lower Franconia announced on Wednesday. A truck driver is still under investigation.

The girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by her mother’s partner in a large number of cases between the ages of nine and eleven. The stepfather has been accused in at least 30 cases of serious sexual abuse of children and incitement to serious sexual abuse.

Mother would have known about the deeds

The mother, who was aware of the acts and allegedly tolerated them, is accused of complicity in serious sexual abuse through negligence. The third suspect, a 50-year-old from the region, is about sexual abuse and the distribution of pornographic literature.

The investigation started only after a truck driver reported on July 31 the child to whom his stepfather had offered the child for money in a parking lot at Autobahn 70. Police found the girl and her mother’s partner during the search, which was immediately started. .

Stepfather would have been present at actions

As the following investigations have shown, the stepfather allegedly abused the child, who was between nine and 11 years old at the time of the crime, regularly and in a large number of cases from the end of 2018 to July 2020. The mother allegedly have been informed. In part, the man filmed the actions and took pictures of them. In addition, the suspect had a large number of child pornographic files.

In at least two cases, the prime suspect would have taken the child to the 50-year-old man for assault. The stepfather was also present at the certificates. A truck driver would also have used the offer to perform sexual acts with the child for money. This man is still wanted.

The investigations of the other three suspects have been completed and all three are in custody. For identifiable reasons, the researchers did not provide data on the age of the mother and her partner. According to a police spokesperson, the girl is in a therapeutic institution under the care of the youth welfare office.

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