Everything looks the same from the outside, but the new Macbook could revolutionize the PC market. Apple has turned away from Intel processors – and made itself independent with its own chip.

Apple introduced its first Mac computers with in-house chips instead of Intel processors. The new model of the Macbook Air will work much faster and more energy-efficient, the company promised on Tuesday. The battery can withstand 15 hours of Internet surfing and 18 hours of video playback – and the laptop can do without a fan. The Macbook Air is the most popular Apple computer. There is also a Macbook Pro and a Mac mini desktop calculator with the new Apple processor.

The in-house chip with the designation M1 combines a main processor with eight cores and the graphics chip in one system. Apps would start much faster than before and even demanding programs would run smoother than before, software boss Craig Federighi pointed out.

MacBook Air (l-r), MacBook Pro and Mac mini: the group is turning away from Intel processors. (Source: Apple / PA Media / dpa)

In the future just like with iPhone and iPad

With the switch, Apple is breaking out of the well-trodden path of the PC industry, which was previously dominated by Intel processors. At the same time, the group has the ability to run its full range of models on one platform. Because the M1 chips are based on the architecture of chip designer ARM, with which the iPhones and iPads also run. Mac programs that have not yet been adapted by their developers for the Apple chips must be “translated” in real time. There are no performance limitations, Apple emphasizes.

The switch had been announced for a while. On the iPhone and iPad, Apple was able to pack a lot of power in a small format through internal chip developments. With the Mac, however, the company repeatedly had to wait for new processors from Intel.

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