The rebel group Arakan Army has attacked a temporary Myanmar army outpost and a border guard police outpost between Rathdeong and Myungdaw in Rakhine State. Many soldiers were killed in this attack on Monday morning. Myanmar’s media Iravati reported this.

Myanmar army spokesman Major General Zhao Min-tun said that the Arakan army fighters launched a grenade attack at a military outpost near In Din village in Maungdaw. They also attacked a border guard police checkpoint in the injured Nan Yar village in Rathdung area.

The spokesman said that the RPG was fired at the Arakan Army in Day Outpost at 7.30pm on Monday. The exchange of fire continued for half an hour. The rebels attacked the border guard police post. Many of our members were killed and injured.

However, the spokesperson did not provide exact information on the casualties. He claimed that at least 50 Arkani fighters took part in the attack.

Earlier, on 13 October, there were reports of skirmishes between the Arakan army and the army. Locals said two fighter jets attacked, causing heavy casualties on both sides. On 3–5 October, both sides clashed.

Apart from Rakhine, the country’s military has declared a ceasefire in Myanmar. Myanmar has declared the Arakan Army a terrorist organization.

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