As things stand, the highly competitive state of Arizona will go to Trump challenger Biden. It would only be the second time since 1948 that a Democrat can win there.

Arizona used to be a Republican stronghold. Since 1948, only one Democrat has won the US election in Arizona, Bill Clinton in 1996. But in these elections, the state could go back to the Democrats. 75 percent of the vote is counted and Trump challenger Joe Biden leads with about 4 percent.

The Democrats are also said to have triumphed in the race for the Senate, Fox News reports. Democrat Mark Kelly takes over from Republican Martha McSally. It would be an unexpected defeat for the Trump camp, which would expect at least 11 electoral votes. In 2006, Trump conquered Arizona by nearly four percent.

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Trump remains popular in rural Arizona, but a growing Latino population and an influx of voters from more liberal areas are giving Democrats hope for a turnaround. The Biden camp is in a comfortable position: Arizona is not a state that the Democrats absolutely must win to win the presidential race.

A victory in the so far permanent republican state could be indicative of a changing majority situation in the Southwestern US and turn Arizona into a new swing state.

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