Bielefeld (AP) – Arminia Bielefeld must initially plan in the Bundesliga without attacker Andreas Voglsammer. As trainer Uwe Neuhaus announced on Thursday, the attacker tore a muscle fiber in his calf the day before during training.

“Any muscle injury bothers me,” said Neuhaus. He speculated whether the injury could not have been prevented with an appropriate dose of exercise. Voglsammer (28) had only recently fought his way back to the team after an injury.

The coach requires his players to take responsibility for themselves to minimize the risk of such injuries during training in the future. “That happened during practice. The player’s self-assessment is always very important to avoid such a thing,” said Neuhaus (61).

In the next game on Saturday (3.30pm / Sky) at SC Freiburg, Bielefeld wants to build on the recent success against Mainz (2-1), which ended the series of seven losses. However, Neuhaus was not satisfied with the training performance of his players on Thursday. “I didn’t like the training so much. I would have preferred if the team had shown that they were burning,” said the coach, demanding full concentration on the next game: “We must not lose a percent in our discipline and motivation. “

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