In Durga Puja, the fashion house ‘Bishwarang’ has worked with the motif of nature. As an accessory for clothing decoration, various elements of nature have been presented as graphical geometric forms on the fabric. There is also a difference in clothing patterns.

This time the costumes of Durga Puja have been prepared in different fabrics, which include Silk, Half Silk, DuPian and Andy. Sarees, Punjabi, three pieces, fatwas, shirts, T-shirts, etc. have highlighted the elements of nature – the use of cotton and khadi textiles keeping in mind the motifs and heat of the pictorial geometric forms of trees, leaves, flowers etc. has been done.

Bright colors have been used in Durga Puja costumes to enhance the festive mood, along with chunri, tie-dye, block, batik, applique, cutwork, screen prints etc. have come as the medium of work.

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