The owner of a liquor shop in Rajasthan, India, has been charged with arson. According to a report published on the Times of India and NDTV websites, police recovered the burnt corpse of a 23-year-old man named Kamal Kishore from the shop’s deep freezer.

His family alleges that the worker was killed for demanding salary.

Kamal Kishore’s house is in the village of Kumpur in Alwar, Rajasthan. He worked as a salesman in a liquor store. His family alleges that Subhash Chand and Rakesh Yadav are the owners of the liquor store. He withheld Kamal’s salary. On demanding money, they killed Kamal and hid his body in the freezer.

In a written complaint to the police, Kamal’s family members said that Subhash and Rakesh came to her house at 4 pm on Saturday (24 October) and took Kamal out. However, Kamal did not return home that night. The next day, some locals saw the fire burning behind the shop and informed the police. After extinguishing the fire, the police recovered the lotus body from the deep freezer inside the container.

Vivadi Superintendent of Police Ramamurthy Yogi said that a case has been registered on the basis of allegations leveled by the family of the deceased. Police are investigating whether the man was burnt or his body burnt alive and dumped in a deep freezer in the crash. The medical board is performing an autopsy on Kamal’s body. The report has not yet reached the police.

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