Police have identified the alleged authors of a series of threats and attacks on the left. Objects in Berlin and Stuttgart are searched. A man and a woman were arrested.

Investigators have arrested two suspects in an alleged left-wing extremist threat and attack campaign by the so-called “revolutionary action cells”. It was a 38-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman, the Baden-Württemberg police and the Stuttgart prosecutor’s office said Friday.

You would be responsible for the series of threatening letters to numerous politicians and authorities, enclosed in blank cartridges or knives. In addition, the suspects are accused of having laid a fire-hazardous device in front of the house of the meat manufacturer Clemens Tönnies and of having committed an attack with an explosive on the Federal Labor Office in Nuremberg.

According to the announcement, the researchers started looking for five objects in Berlin and Stuttgart from 6 a.m. The raid was preceded by months of investigation led by the Attorney General. According to information from Chillreport, the investigation was only presented to the public prosecutor in Stuttgart on Tuesday.

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