Eight people were injured in fires in Marbach. Now a suspect has been arrested. He shouted xenophobic slogans when he was arrested.

To Arson attacks on a police station, a Protestant church and a residential building early Saturday morning in Marbach am Neckar a 42-year-old suspect is in custody. A judge from the Heilbronn court explained the arrest warrant that the prosecutor had requested, the police announced on Saturday evening in Ludwigsburg.

Half a million euros in damage

The man is said to have committed the attacks with Molotov cocktails, eight people were slightly injured. The background to the actions was initially unclear. The 42-year-old German reportedly made “police and xenophobic slogans” when he was arrested.

According to initial estimates, the attacks caused more than half a million euros in damage. The injured are four residents of the affected apartment building, two first aiders and two police officers.

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