As many times as probiotic yogurt

Dahi or Dahi, the last leaf of the Bengali festival. After the meal, a bowl of yogurt completes the meal. It is known from the pages of the book that curd was not born in this country at all. Not even in the Indian subcontinent. It has a birthplace in Bulgaria. The age of eating this dairy is four thousand years. Doranda Pratap survived for so long on the food menu. This is due to the nutritional value of yogurt. Yogurt bacteria speed up digestion of food and help in digestion. Increases immunity of the body. The health of the body is ensured as a result.

The body needs its own energy to fight the coronavirus. How to increase body strength? Microbiologist Samia Tasnim said, “The digestive system of the human body contains various microorganisms. These are collectively called the gut microbiota. They live in our digestive system. Helps in healthy living by playing a role in the metabolism of the human body. At the same time, after taking food and medicine, it has a positive effect on maintaining their metabolism. Microbes play a positive role in body building. The most important thing for the present time is to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. The gut microbiota The body actually tries to resist any harmful microbe in contact with it. If the body’s immune system is good, it is possible to resist it and it is fast. When the body feeds beneficial microbes through food or supplements When absorbed, we call them probiotics. This type of food makes the body healthy and strong from within. ‘

When the body’s immune system becomes weak, the likelihood of contracting various diseases increases. Therefore, we need proper food to take care of the body’s digestive system. Probiotic yogurt plays a beneficial role in this. Probiotic yogurt contains the right amount of beneficial bacteria.

There are other benefits of using probiotic yogurt. This causes the body to regenerate beneficial bacteria, resulting in a rapid increase in the number of beneficial bacteria in the body. As a result, just as it activates beneficial bacteria in the body, it also neutralizes various harmful chemical elements in the body. Provides various vitamins and minerals. These beneficial bacteria present in the digestive system improve digestion thereby increasing digestive energy.

Ensuring physical fitness is easy if you have probiotic yogurt in your daily diet.

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