US President Donald Trump has accused the FDA and Pfizer of bidding on the news of the vaccine taking effect to prevent it from winning the election. He claimed that if there was an announcement before the election, he would have got more votes. Outgoing President Trump announced the allegations in a tweet on Monday (9 November) that the Pfizer vaccine was 90 percent effective.

The vaccine, co-produced by well-known American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German company Biotech, was claimed to be 90 percent effective on Monday (9 November). This success is said to have been found in the third phase of testing. It has also been reported that the FDA is in the process of applying for a vaccine that starts later this month.

The Trump administration also funded Pfizer’s vaccine. Trump had promised during the election campaign that the vaccine would arrive soon. He said that he was working to remove major bureaucratic hurdles to speed up the vaccine. But Trump’s expectations were not met. News of the success of the Pfizer vaccine came five days after the election, and he was angered.

Trump wrote in a Twitter post, saying I had long ago said that Pfizer and others would announce the vaccine after the election. Because, they do not have the courage to announce it. The FDA should have made the announcement earlier to save lives, not politically motivated.

Trump further claimed, if Joe Biden was president, the vaccine would not be available for the next four years. The FDA would not have approved it so soon. Millions of people would have lost their lives due to bureaucratic complications. ‘

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