Athens denies agreement on talks with Turkey

There is a tense atmosphere between Greece and Turkey due to gas reserves in the Mediterranean. NATO has now announced its readiness to hold talks between the two countries. But Greece does not agree.

Greece has denied opening talks with Turkey about tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Information that Greece and Turkey have reached agreement “through NATO mediation” on so-called “technical talks” to de-escalate tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean “does not match reality,” the Greek Foreign Ministry said Thursday evening. .

Jens Stoltenberg had previously stated that the two NATO countries were ready to engage in NATO talks to resolve the dispute over gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean. This should reduce the “risk of incidents and accidents in the Eastern Mediterranean”.

Greece calls for “immediate withdrawal of all Turkish ships”

However, Greece wants to stick to its intention to work on the establishment of de-escalation mechanisms, the Athens Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. “A de-escalation will only occur with the immediate withdrawal of all Turkish ships from the Greek continental shelf.”

Since the discovery of rich gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean, there have been heated debates about their exploitation. Both Greece and Turkey claim the relevant sea areas and support this by sending warships. Relations between the two NATO members are therefore extremely tense.

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