Attack by HSV professional Leistner – Dynamo is looking for a bully fan

Dresden (AP) – Third division football team Dynamo Dresden wants to identify the mobbing spectator after the attack of football pro Toni Leistner.

It was “just shameful” that HSV professional Leistner “was insulted in such a way after the game by a fan from his home team,” the Saxons tweeted. “We’re looking for the person because we don’t want to leave this incident like that.”

After Hamburger SV’s 4-1 defeat at Dynamo, Leistner jumped into the stands for an interview with pay-TV broadcaster Sky, where a Dresden supporter had clearly insulted him loudly and with gestures. He grabbed the bully Dynamo fan, pushed him to the ground in front of the bystanders and finally the steward pushed Leistner back, who then jumped back into the stadium. “I’m not going to let my family offend,” the Dresden-born man justified his action in an interview with Sky. The 30-year-old later apologized via Instagram.

Dynamo jumped in on his ex-prof. “We all love football because it can give free rein to great emotions. And yes, people make mistakes,” the Dresden team continued. Leistner is “a boy from Dresden who has his heart in the right place”.

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