Austrian Chancellor Kurz warns against “mistakes like 2015”

What to do with the homeless refugees in Moria? None of them should go to Austria. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is blocking himself – and is against symbolic politics.

Despite political pressure, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz confirmed that his government will not accept people from the burned-down Greek refugee camp Moria. “If we give in to this pressure now, we risk making the same mistakes we did in 2015,” the conservative ÖVP politician said in a video message on Facebook.

During the refugee crisis at the time, the “horrible” images of migrants at the Budapest train station had the effect of making European politics succumb to the pressure. Then more people would have found their way to Central Europe.

“What is not necessary is symbolic politics”

Austria wanted to provide decent care locally, Kurz said. In addition, the country took in 3,700 children this year. The media then pointed out that these must be recordings in the context of family reunification.

In view of European action, Kurz said, “What is not needed is symbolic politics, but rather real, sustainable financial support for the affected areas, an economic perspective for the African continent and effective protection of our external borders.” Ten European countries have agreed to accept a total of 400 unaccompanied minors, of which Germany and France intend to accept 100 to 150 each.

In Austria, a dispute arose right up to the top of the ÖVP-Greens coalition over the admission of some of the approximately 13,000 people from Moria who are standing out in the quadruple overcrowded camp after possible fires from residents. Green Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler briefly confirmed Saturday’s speech on ORF radio that he wanted to continue negotiations with the ÖVP. “If Mr Söder can do that and now the Dutch Prime Minister, Mr Rutte, Austria can do it too.”

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