The cease-fire between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Nagorno-Karbakh region took place exactly four minutes after the breach. An agreement was reached to implement a ceasefire from Saturday midnight at local time. However, Armenia claims that Azerbaijan fired artillery shells and rockets just four minutes after it came into effect. Azeri officials have not yet commented on the allegations.

Earlier in the day, at least 12 Azerbaijan civilians were killed in the shelling by Armenians. Although the two sides later agreed to the agreement, the conflict continued.

What is the latest agreement?

Both countries have agreed to a humanitarian cease-fire, although no details have been released. The Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan stated that the decision was based on statements made by the presidents of the United States, France and Russia. An organization called OSCE Minsk Group was formed in 1992 under the leadership of three countries to mediate the Nagorno-Karbakh conflict.

Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anna Nagdalyan also sent a similar message in a tweet. He said that his country welcomed the ceasefire and reducing tension.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who mediated the agreement last week, has spoken to the foreign ministers of both countries. He told them that both countries should strictly follow the terms of the previous agreement.

What is happening on the battlefield?

Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman Sushan Stefanian wrote on Twitter: The rocket was fired south between 2:20 pm and 2:45 pm.

Azerbaijan says that Armenia launched a missile attack on Ganja city on Saturday morning. Thirteen civilians were killed. Another 45 people were injured. Despite being out of the war zone, Armenia has carried out civilian attacks and massacres there.

A statement from Azeri’s Foreign Ministry said that Armenia was indiscriminately targeting civilians.

What are the leaders of both countries saying

The old conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the Nagorno-Karbakh region resumed on 27 September. More than 300 people have died in the last few days. Armenia has acknowledged the great loss of its country in the conflict. In a television speech, Prime Minister Nicole Pashinian acknowledged the reality. He said that Armenia suffered “many casualties”. However, the army is still under the control of Karabakh.

“We all need to know that we are going through a difficult situation,” Nicole Pashinen said. Despite the loss of manpower and equipment, the Armenian army is still in control. They have caused extensive damage to the manpower and equipment of the opponents. ‘

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev has accused Armenia of attacking its gas and oil pipelines. “Armenia is trying to control our pipeline by attacking,” he told Turkish media Hebertark. If he continued his efforts the results would be horrific. ‘

Meanwhile, in an interview with Reuters, the Armenian Prime Minister blamed Turkey for his country’s ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan. He told Reuters that he is confident that Azerbaijan will stop military action in the prison if the prison Turkey changes its position.

Nicole Pashinian said that Azerbaijan would not be closed until Turkey’s situation changed. They will not stop the conflict.

He said that Turkey had openly supported Azerbaijan even before the ceasefire talks. This means that they are asking Azerbaijan to continue fighting. Despite the agreement, Turkish Foreign Minister Azeri called the foreign minister.

Armenia is a member of the former Soviet Union military alliance led by Russia. Again, Turkey is a close ally of Azerbaijan. Turkish and Azeri politicians use a sentence to describe the relationship between the two countries. It is, one nation, two countries. ‘People of both countries have similarities in language, culture and religion. Source: BBC

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