The bloody conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia continues for the third consecutive day. After Sunday, the armies of the two countries continued to fight on Monday. The death toll is rising. Meanwhile, at least 95 people including women and children have died. 11 civilians were among those who died. The United Nations has called for a ceasefire from both sides. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Armenia will have to leave Azerbaijan. On the other hand, Armenia has called on the international community to keep Turkey away from the conflict. But there is not even the slightest sign of the end of the conflict. Conversely, after Sunday, the fighting has become more furious on Monday.

In the late 1970s, war broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region. The conflict ended in the fall of the former Soviet Union in 1991. 30,000 people were killed in the conflict until a ceasefire was established between the two sides in 1994. Although the Karabakh region is part of Azerbaijan, it is controlled by Armenian separatists under the aegis of the Armenian government. Basically, this is the beginning of a new conflict. The two countries got embroiled in a war on 26 September 2020 due to a prolonged dispute.

Earlier, in 2016, Azerbaijan and Armenia were involved in a major conflict over the Nagorno-Karbakh region. The conflict, which started afresh on Saturday, has turned into a state of war. Military forces from both countries have gathered at the border. Shelling continues

In addition to the military forces of the two countries, there are Armenian separatists in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. They have suffered the most in the struggle so far.

The separatists say that 26 people died in fighting alone on Monday. At least 64 of their rebels have been killed so far on Sunday and Monday.

Azerbaijan and Armenia both have martial law. That is, special military laws have been made for war situations. Ordinary people have been instructed to stay at home.

The United Nations has called for an end to the fighting. A special meeting of the Security Council was called on Tuesday to discuss the situation. The closed-door meeting was called based on requests from France and Germany.

Russia has called for an immediate end to hostilities between the two countries. The Kremlin, the office of the Russian president, said that Moscow was in contact with Turkey. China has called on both countries to sit at the negotiating table. Sources: DW, BBC, Al Jazeera.

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